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The mountain-bike clothing brand created by women for women

Chicken line is a mountain bike clothing brand for women, 100% made in Italy. It’s designed and developed by women for women.
Our clothing line comes from our passion for biking in all its forms: bike-packing, cycling, all-mountain, free-ride, enduro and downhill.
During the development of the products we test all materials, ride after ride, to improve fit and check durability.
Mainly we take into consideration what women need by using the highest quality materials to grant comfort fit, functionality and high performance.
Our focus is also on style and attention to the details: we know that this is paramount for women.

​Enjoy your ride with Chicken Line!

“I am classy, I am modern, I live by my own design
I’m cherry, I’m lemon…I am woman, I am fearless,
I am sexy, I’m divine, I’m unbeatable, I’m creative…I am feminine, I am masculine
I am anything I want.”

[Emmy Meli]

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We have chosen the path of sustainability to make performance better and more aware