About Us

Every body is unique

Each woman has her own style and precise needs based on her own physicality: for this reason in our catalog you will find items with different wearability, designed and manufactured to better fit different shapes and make every woman always feel comfortable and at ease, both during sports and not.
We have developed several models: a curvy one for more curvaceous women, a long one for taller and slender women, another one with a regular fit.


The proportion of beauty

The choosing of the name “Chicken Line” for this bran is ironic and it aims tho make smile women about. It is also true, however, that as a brand we have a much broader goal: find the perfect synthesis between beauty and harmony and put them both in our clothing, giving all women the possibility to wear something that suits their nature, not losing functionality.

This is the mission that guides us and that every day leads us to look carefully on a greater sense of beauty: dressing up cannot be dictated by precise measures in which we have to force our bodies in. All the possible varieties of the body shapes needs clothing that improve their own beauty, follow their forms without altering them.

If many parts of our body are in harmony with each other, according to the golden number of the “divine proportion” that was already studied in ancient Greece and is still used today as a starting point in design, we at Chicken Line think that ours commitment is to design all our products in a way that follows this path and follow this criterion.

We care, even when wearing technical clothings, not to contrast the natural proportion of beauty.

Chicken line
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