Behind Chicken Line

Behind Chicken Line

Chicken Line is constantly growing both numerically and in terms of products, but its history stems from an intuition of Elena Borroni, founder of the brand. Cultivating her passion for mountain biking, she soon realized the lack of specific products that combine female aesthetics and shaping needs. Her dedication to this idea leads her to pay attention, therefore, not only to her own needs, but also to all needs of all the other riding women she met on the trails : she figured out the urgency of dedicated models and colors and she also decided to fight the underlying message of the absence of sizes and fits that would suit all physicality.
Is the bicycle only for men?
And again: if it’s not, do women must force themselves to wear small men’s sizes with a not-feminine fit? Do they have to wear feminine clothing but not designed for the cycling use?
The intrinsic inclusiveness of sharing her passion of two wheels with other women has generated in Elena the urgency of a true “inclusive revolution” : the creation of a brand entirely dedicated to women with the mission of offering them the best selection of technical clothing that best suited all shapes and sizes, communicating to the women themselves that it was possible not to give up anything of their nature, their aesthetic taste and their femininity. For years an ideal of a “sporty woman” had been proposed by companies, but they were only considering an unattainable standard of professional athlete not very faithful to reality. So she drove the attention to focus on the real women’s bodies in all her truth: “real”, not ideal women.
Inclusiveness is “the ability to include as many subjects as possible in the enjoyment of a right or in the performance of an action” this was and still is the true goal of Elena’s intuition with Chicken Line:


Why the name “Ckicken Line”?

In the mountain biking world, the ‘chicken line’ refers to the easy line you ride to avoid difficult trail features, so you might be wondering why a high quality women’s mountain bike clothing company would call themselves ‘Chicken Line’. Does this mean that women always take the easy way out? Quite the opposite actually. For years, mountain biking has been a male dominated sport and we here at Chicken Line want to change that. We empower and encourage women by being one of the few mountain bike clothing companies in the world designed and developed by women for women. Chicken Line shows women it is possible to break through barriers and sets no limits on what we can do. So whether you are hitting the single track for the first time or are already a serious lady shredder, Chicken Line provides you with high quality equipment to reach your goals. We developed our brand with a sense of humor and a passion for mountain biking, two things that make the world a little brighter. After all, isn’t that what it is all about?

100% Italian made. 100% awesome.

Are you brave enough to follow the Chicken Line?

What women want

As women we know how wise the female category is when choosing clothing.
We demand high quality in terms of workmanship and excellence in materials, comfort and functionality, but we also pretend that cloth to adapt to our style by reflecting it with colors and graphics and to give us the opportunity to create multiple outfits with a few simple combinations.

Chicken Line
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