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February 21, 2018


Are you passionate about mountain biking? If you are already experienced in this activity, probably your knowledge of the topic is top-level and this article will only serve as a quick review. If, on the other hand, you’re becoming interested in this fascinating sport, our advice could really be useful for starting off on the right foot.


There are several elements that you should always keep in mind when you’re on a trail, riding your MTB and in the best frame of mind to fully enjoy the moment, both from an athletic and emotional point of view.


First of all, shredding a trail is a “challenge with oneself” more than a challenge with other bikers, or even with the territory, since it involves riding for many kilometers on often challenging paths and dirt roads, which require maximum physical and mental concentration. Self-sufficiency, in every aspect of the word, is therefore just as essential as emotional balance.


Here are eight things you need to keep in mind when you’re surfing a trail:

  1. Protection devices are essential: it is important to tackle the path by wearing the right clothing for this type of activity. Your outfit must therefore include all personal protective equipment, from an approved helmet of the right size for your head, to body protection devices (such as kneepads and elbow pads) to gloves and, eventually, lights. If you want, you can also use a backpack (a model specifically designed for MTB is the best choice) to carry everything you need with you in the most practical way.

  2. Remember that it is not going to be easy: a trail, by nature, cannot be easy-peasy. The right technique and physical preparation, as well as the proper mental disposition are essential to better face a path that might include dirt descents and single tracks studded with roots and stones: they will all put a strain on your body. Pedal with the determination that distinguishes you and remember that, no matter what, the experience will be very rewarding.

  3. Mountain biking is adventurous: it is practiced along wild and sometimes unspoiled paths, on mountain ridges or in woods. In addition, the totally “unsupported” approach of this sport makes it a real “adventure” that you will find extremely stimulating.

  4. Mountain biking is never boring: a characteristic that makes this sport increasingly appreciated is its absolute variety. Not only in terms of paths, which in fact always underlie what Mother Nature has to offers, but also in terms of approach. If you face this challenge as an important opportunity to put yourself to the test, to escape from your daily routine or to stimulate your cycling passion to the fullest, you are already halfway through the journey!

  5. Your MTB must be suitable for the use you intend to make of it: given all the points addressed so far, you have certainly already guessed that the model of your vehicle (mono or full suspension, trail, all-mountain or endure) can make a difference when facing a route. Your mountain bike should be reliable, sturdy and equipped with clawed tires, able to give you the best grip on rough and steep terrains, and guaranteeing you the right stability and safety.

  6. Hunger and thirst must always be avoided: in order to better cope with mountain biking, it is essential to always have food and water with you. Do not forget to reintegrate spent fluids and energies, and put water bottles in your backpack (even better, with the addition of supplements and mineral salts) together with some energy bars. It is important to support your body in the necessary effort to present you with the infinite sense of freedom you deserve to experience!

  7. Pay attention to your hands and wrists: in order to travel at your best, you need to avoid soreness on the contact point between your hands and the handlebars. Remember that hands and wrists can hurt so bad that you might be forced to pull over and stop. A particular regard to the median and ulnar nerves will allow a better performance and a more prolonged general wellbeing. Assume and maintain the correct position on the saddle, and keep in mind that the way you hold the handlebars affects your entire weight distribution, and therefore the health of your hands and wrists.

  8. Stretching and warm-up are essential: it may seem like a pointless advice, but it is not! Never face a trail without the proper stretching and warm-up exercises, starting with your hands and wrists and then moving on to the rest of your body. Sprains and muscles strainers are always lurking, but they can be prevented easily by some precautions dictated essentially by common sense and experience.

If mountain biking fascinates you more and more, don’t forget to take a look at the ecommerce section on our website: Chicken Line is the line of MTB clothing designed by women for women.


Discover how we have been able to combine style and femininity with athletic performance, designing outfits that best define your vital, free and strong personality.


Enjoy your ride!


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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